Independent experts & External Mentors

In addition to it's team of around 75 full time employees, Xelpmoc has built a network of around 100 independent experts in India and Silicon Valley who help out our startups on a part time capacity. In return, the independent experts get stocks based on their contribution. This system allows the best employees in leading companies to contribute to the startup ecosystem without leaving the comfort of a stable job. If you possess a powerful / unique skill set, and are interested in working on some of the most exciting ideas that may change the world, then please email us on ixpert@xelpmoc.in

External Mentors

Kousthub Raghavan

Sukesh Malliah

Anshumani Ruddra

Xelpmoc's Relationship with the
Venture Capital Industry

Xelpmoc works closely with some of the leading venture capital firms in India and the US, with a regular two way exchange of ideas.

Xelpmoc's relationship with VC firms consists of

Providing tech support to the portfolio companies of VC firms that are struggling with technology. Recommending talented entrepreneurs and teams to VC firms for funding, after doing an initial level of due diligence. Working on some of the in-house product ideas of VC firms by building POCs, and finding suitable entrepreneurial talent who can lead these projects in the future. VC firms recognise that Xelpmoc's partnership with any startup / portfolio company lends a degree of solidity to the startup, ensuring smooth implementation and continuous innovation, giving it a leading edge in the market.