What does Xelpmoc bring to
the table for a startup?

Availability of the best designers, engineers and developers will build/upgrade the platform.

Accessibility to domain experts from across the world that can contribute to the business in their spare time in exchange for a stake rather than cash.

Dedicated & relevant mentors to help scale the business in the fastest possible time.

Physical infrastructure is provided to early stage startups if required.

Co-working with others entrepreneurs aids learning and sharing of knowledge.

Huge reduction in cost of development and maintenance due to shared expertise and resources.

Incubation & Mentoring

Xelpmoc has four full time CXO level mentors with 60+ years of combined industry experience.

In addition, it has created a large network of part time domain experts in various aspects of technology, operations, marketing, finance and legal to provide mentoring to startups.

Our goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs receive the best advise on all aspects of business from the leading industry experts.

Technology Partnership

We provide end to end technology solutions to startups (strategy, planning, architecting, development, testing, deployment and maintenance).We maintain exclusivity in each vertical with the entrepreneur we are working with.

If you are an entrepreneur, then Xelpmoc is your ideal long term partner in your journey as you build, grow and nurture your startup. We are driven by the lust for beautiful end user experience and run on entrepreneurial ethos. We love working on path-breaking stuff. We get our kicks from simplifying complex design & technology solutions, iconic stuff that would make a difference to the world, which is why we chose the name 'XELPMOC', reverse of 'Complex'.